Sunday, July 16, 2006


Ok I know some of yall might get offended but you know what So fucking what. Sex…The dictionary defines sex as being gender specific either you are male or female. The dictionary also discusses sex as an act on intercourse between two people. But can sex also be defined as a state of being? The way you live and reflect yourself out to others in life? All my life I have been called sexy yet I didn’t have sex with everyone who said I was sexy. Even women have been known to hit me on the butt, kiss me on the lips, and just wanted to sleep with me to check out my sex (I would post my picture but this would then become a dating site which I am presently not down for). I guess there’s something to be said when momma use to say stand up straight and hold your head high. I have this one girlfriend who has a extremely sexy state of being. She walks around trotting like a thorough bred horse, with her head held high, definitely not 1 in the same. She’s from LA. She use to be a stewardess so she has traveled all over the world. She bought pictures in one day to work of her riding on an elephant topless. Now that was sexy. I didn’t know whether to press sexual harassment charges on her or take her home and do her. When you have a sexy state of mind you can walk up into a club by your dam self and get more play than if you were with your girls. Now that’s a fact. I went one time to a club by my self and sat at the bar. It was hilarious because as one guy came, ran game, and left another was right in line to get his holla on. I just sat there with a smug smile and watched and listened to each guy that came my way. With a sexy state of being you can’t go wrong.

But many do not know what it means to have a sexy state of being. Sexy is not having a cigarette hanging out the side of your mouth while talking or just smoking. Your breath smells and your clothes smell. Sexy is not wearing 3 inch heels if your about to fall over in them every time you take a step. Sexy is not wearing the tightest clothes you can get into (you know who I am talking about ladies). Sexy is not SMOKING WEED with your man or racking up phone bills YOU got to pay cause your babies daddy is in jail. Fuck that and fuck him. See him when you get out. It ain't worth ruining your credit (if your credit ain't already ruined...that ain't sexy either). Sexy is not about nagging, preaching, gossiping, or overeating (I told you I would offend some). Sexy is not arguing and then stalking a brother down until you force him to say or do what you want him too. That’s just not a sexy state of being. PLEASE Tell me I am wrong. I’d like to know what ya'll think qualifies as a sexy state of being.. Please chime in..…
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Saturday, July 15, 2006


A scene from Basic Instinct 2. Kathryn Trammel to her Psychoanalyst;
"When you think about fucking me, and I know you do, how do you picture it Doctor? I know you can't answer me, so just think it. You want it straight up? You on top? Me on top? Do you want it from behind? On your knees? My face in the pillow? Do you want to beat me up? Just a little not too hard? Ohhh a little harder than that. Do you want to cum in my mouth? What if I told you I masturbate thinking about you? That I make myself cum thinking about you making yourself cum??? I guess we're out of time for today....."

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